Thursday, August 11, 2005


Welcome to Handling Handhelds!

Comment on one thing you learned or one goal you have after completing our first Handhelds class session.

My goal is to become proficient with my handheld.
A goal that I have for this class is to find ways to utilize handhelds more effectively in my classroom. I also hope to create activities/lessons to do on the handhelds with my students for math and social studies.
I've never even touched a handheld before and am so impressed with everything it can do. Fun! I hope to become proficient enough with it to be able to use it to my benefit.
After viewing the internet videos and experiencing the use of the palm for the first time ever, I was excited. The possibilities of its use in the classroom are limitless. I feel that the one goal that I forsee of palm use in the classroom is student self-esteem or efficaacy. The student is engaged,interested, and motivated.
My goal is to learn enough to be able to integrate palms into study halls working with vocabulary, math, and reading.
My goal is to learn enough to be able to integrate palms into study halls working with vocabulary, math, and reading.
One thing that I learned yesterday was connecting a BELKIN wireless keyboard to the handheld computer. I had to download a different keyboard onto the palm in order to make it work. I don't recommend getting a BELKIN keyboard for the classroom. They take time setting up and don't work as quickly as other keyboards for the palm.
I enjoyed watching the Teaching Now video. The comment I enjoyed from Tony was "I'm teaching my curriculum. ...teaching content, not palms." The idea of all the students being engaged in the learning process and being excited about that was refreshing to see. They were taught, applied the principle taught, and retaught it.
I plan to have my students use the Palms in my Science and writing classes to enhance their study skills.
My goal is to become more comfortable with the handheld. I'd
like to be comfortable enough to teach it in my classroom and help the students use it for assignments and activities.
My goal is to try to make handhelds a daily part of my own schule just for basic things. Doing things the old way is still easier. Trying to plan, implement and maintain structure with handhelds as a daily part of teaching will be a challenge because it is thining outide the box for me. KEVIN
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