Thursday, August 11, 2005


About our School

O'Neill Elementary is a public K-6 school in rural northeast Nebraska. We teach over 350 spectacular students each day and pride ourselves on many being technology.

#1. Some of the uses that I would use the following Apps for are:
Docs to Go - writing assignments or note taking.
eReader - having students keep track of books they read.
Sketchy - have the students show steps for math problems or spelling words
Quizzler - Help the students prepare for up coming test/quizzes

#2. I really didn't think that the timer on the palm would be anything that I would use, however, I will have the students use the timer during the rotations to get ready to move on to the next section.

#3. Fling It looks like it is more user friendly. However, I would have to try them out more before I would make a decision.
Docs to go- I would use this for vocabulary with kids. I would also want to use this for note taking. Anything I do on word, I pretty much think I could use.

Sketchy- Use this for math steps, water cycle, time lines, prefixes, and suffixes, Labeling a sentence, etc

Quizzler- I would help reg teachers make quizzes for students to practice with. I will have students make vocabulary practice quizzes for each other.

ereader- not sure. Hopefully the 7th grade can use it for the Hobbit.

testing one two three....
ok it works!!
With the doc to go app, I would utilize the word processor when the students composed writing assignments. Iwould also be beneficial in editing and highlighting parts of a sentence.
ereader, interested me the most, because it would be an instructional tool to use for reading fluency, for a reader who has difficulties reading.
sketchy is an awesome tool, that could be used to add to about any lesson. Sometimes students are unable to express ideas in words, but can in picture/drawings.
Quizzler, I would use quizzler as a check for understanding strategy. After a new concept of a lesson or review of a chapter or unit.
The additional app I explored was animator, I was unable to explore all the tasks and see how they operated. Could we do this quick in class?
I understood the concept of fling it, as it can transfer info. from the internet, that could be used as research help. I do not remember about avant go.
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