Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Day #2 - "All About Apps"

1. ALL:
Tell me one use you would have in your classroom for each of the following "Can't Live Without" Apps:

2. NOVICE: Tell me one additional app that you explored this afternoon that you especially were excited about:

PROS: What do you think will be our biggest challenge/struggle with the management ideas we brainstormed together this afternoon?

3. ALL: If you could only choose one or the other between Avant Go and Fling it, which one would you choose and why?

sorry I couldn't remember the questions so this is my second entry.

I don't have my palm with me right now, but I would use the one that had the different math facts that kids could work.

I would use fling it because if kids were doing research and I found something they could use I could save it and then fling it. I think that would be easier than trying to give them the web site.
Docs to Go would be useful in using the spreadsheet for math. I'm not sure that ereader would be useful in my classroom, unless there was some book that pertained to math. Sketchy would be great to show the steps in solving equations. Quizzler could be used as a quick check to see if the students are understanding a concept. Coconut Fern is good for stategic thinking. My daughter and I have been having fun with that. I missed the info. about Avant Go and Fling It, so I can't answer that question.
In the docs to go apps, I would utilize the word processor for writng class assignments. The editing and highlighting would be useful in the critiquing their(students) own work. e-reader would be most beneficial for the student who has difficulty with reading fluency. Sketchy could be utilized as a tool to draw a concept that they may not be able to express in writing.
Quizzler, I would use as a check for understanding on a daily assignment or new lesson.
I was interested in the animator app, it seemed like it was similar to the sketchy , but I was not able to manuver all the tasks. Could we go over this in class?
I would choose fling it, because it relates to transfering info. of the internet, I can't remember what Avant Go is??
I used two things on a palm before this class to do list, and the calendar. On I lied I've used the calculator many times.

Some interesting programs I used with the palm are the quizler, and all the math practice programs.

The one I would use the most if I had a classroom would be the one thats not fling it. I can't remember what it was called.

Thanks KEVIN
1. Docs to go will be very useful in my writing class, as well as a time saver. My students will be able to work on assignments both here and at home. This will enable students to keep ideas fresher, thus producing stronger, more complete ideas.

2. ereader will give my students access to great literature and allow me to point out variious facets of writing, such as descriptive passages.

3. quizzler will be used for test preparation, student and teacher generated quizzes, and various practices.

4. sketchy provides obvious opportunities in my science classes for visually presenting science concepts and facts. Students will be able to generate flash cards over various topics in science. In writing class students will be able to depict scenes from their writing.

The concerns I have with our management set-up are:

1. Students letting non-trained students use their handhelds.

2. Getting the HH's back to school.

3. Making sure students get them hot-synched often.

4. Tracking programs on the HH's to be sure nothing unwanted is on them.

5. Keeping up with absentees to be sure they have everything.

Based on what I have been able to read about the two apps, I would use avant go more for myself than for my students. Fling it is a good program for all the research I plan to have the students do this year. They can access the site, "fling it", then return to their desks to continue work. This will free up the computers and allow students to work more efficiently at their desks.
~Docs to Go will be helpful when doing written assignments in my class such as research projects for Soc. Studies.
~I can see using eReader to bring in "outside" sources for my Soc. Studies curriculum instead of always reading out of the textbook.
~I would like to incorporate Sketchy with vocabulary for Soc. Studies and for solving word problems in math.
~Obviously, Quizzler, could be used as a quick assessment tool to show what students have learned on daily assignments of any kind.

I think one of our biggest issues management wise is that piece of students not being able to use their handhelds in class or take them home because of discipline reasons. Hopefully this will not happen to very many students, but we know it will happen to some. Having to plan the alternative way of doing an assignment makes for extra work on the teacher's part.

I think I would would use FlingIt more because it doesn't update from the web. If I have something I want my students to use in class, I wouldn't want it changing without me being aware of it. I could see using the Avant Go if I spent a lot of time doing current events in Social Studies (which at this time I do not).
Being absent from the class definitely had its disadvantages. As for Docs to go, I need to explore that, not sure what that is. I'm thinking that I could use Sketchy in my 3rd grade classroom to write a rebus story about getting organized for school or my 8th grade class on their vacation presentations. E reader could maybe be used in a small group to read books together to discuss similar feelings people have in different situation. Like using bibliotherapy. I couldn't get Quizzler to work so I need to explore that some more to see how that may work in one of my classes.

If I could ojnly choose one between Avant Go and Fling It, I'm not sure right now. Professionally I can see benefits of the Avant Go feature but I think I may see more benefits with Fling It for students to pass on reasearch areas. Although in the area of S.S. you could use Avant Go for the current events information for them.
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